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At Made By Tika we can design an invitation that no one will decline. Need a simple logo? We're on it! Smile, because we take pictures too!


Tika, pronounced "tea-kuh" and yes, that is my real name!


I am an Oklahoma born, Lancaster County raised, Philadelphia dwelling, 20-something year-old cat mommy to Max , Ollie, and Zeus. By day, I am a medical photographer and by night I am a freelance designer and photographer. Photography and simple design have always been a passion of mine. In middle school I remember designing AIM icons and Xanga layouts. When I graduated high school I ran away to the arctic tundra, more formally known as Rochester, New York, and attended Rochester Institute of Technology. I pursued my passion in art and graduated with a B.S. degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications with extra classes in typography and web design. 

I love food, music, traveling, animals, reading, the occasional video game, and Harry Potter. I strongly believe in unicorns and the power of glitter!