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Capturing Summer

I think my favorite thing to do is spend a day with a family and capture the pure moments. Sure, the posed photographs are fun but the candids, now that's where my heart is. My good friend Janelle asked me to take some family photographs of her parents while her nieces and nephew were in town. Can I please rave about how amazing these kids are and how I could spend the entire day hanging out with them? They made my job easy, and each one of them has such a unique and beautiful personality. You'll understand once you see the photos.

HARE Comes The Bride

Making sure a couple feels comfortable is SUPER important in a photoshoot. Especially, when it's their engagement shoot. It's a little easier when you know them on a social level ;) Bryanna is one of my close friends and I was so thankful to work with her and Dan. I can honestly say that these two people are two of the most genuine people I've ever met. Their love for one another is so beautiful.  I am so excited to photograph their wedding next year. More importantly, I am so excited with how these photos came out!! We braved the rain, trudged through the woods, and survived attack bees. (Oh, and we saw a baby fox!) Do we have to wait until your wedding day to do another shoot?! 

And Baby Makes Three

I could not get through editing these photos without sobbing. Babies are amazing little beings and it's even more amazing to watch your friends take on the role of parents. A mother and father's love is nothing that can be replaced. I can not wait to watch this little guy grow up! Welcome to the family, Peter! You are already so loved.

To The Mr. & Mrs.

I normally don't do a lot of weddings but when a friend asks you if you can be their wedding photographer, you don't turn her down. Happiest wishes to Sam & Geoff. You two are the most amazing people and I am so glad to have been able to capture your day for you. Here's just a few!

I'm a Slacker

I have been such a slacker getting all of these shoots up. So please enjoy a few different galleries with some of my favorite families and friends!



Now that these beautiful ladies finally shared these photos with their momma, I can share them with you!! I love seeing the different dynamics when I'm working with families. These sisters were SO much fun to work with. Glad I could be part of something special for their mom for Mother's Day!

Twinkle Lights, Christmas Socks, & Champagne

Nothing makes me happier than being able to share in the joy of my friends as they enter a new season of their life. I got to photograph the Oliver's yesterday. First of all, they are are an amazing team and I love working with them because they just bring so much joy to the shoot. (And life in general!) What made their photo session even better was that they just bought their first home! Before move-in day, we decided to get some Christmas card photos in the new house. I had so much fun!!! (It could have been because we popped a bottle of champagne at the end and took fun photos... haha)

The Perfect Day For A Fall Photo Session

Despite the chilly weather today, yesterday was a PERFECT day for a photo shoot! Especially one that included furry vests, curls, and cute boots. 

Ava was a rockstar yesterday! She definitely has an eye for photo locations. "Let's go over here! Now, over here! Let's go here!" I had so much fun and love, love, love how these turned out!