So what can Made By Tika do for churches?

Sermon Graphics

There are a lot of free sermon graphic resources online but if you are looking for a specific design, we got you! We live and breathe sermon graphics and slides.

General Design Needs

A welcome book to talk about your church? On it! Event card? Yep. We can do it. Invite cards? Oh, for sure! Whether it’s on a project by project, or even monthly basis, Made By Tika would love to make all of your design needs come true.

Website Design

Our preferred partner for websites is Squarespace. Once created, it’s easy for the consumer to take over and be able to make any minor changes and updates that they need. We know a lot of churches have websites that come with other products that they’ve purchased. If that’s the case, we would love to work with you the best we can to get you the site of your dreams. Please note that though we can, we do not prefer to design websites with WordPress unless the client has the knowledge and understanding of programs to keep their website secure.

Custom Branding Guides

Is your church looking for a rebrand? We would love to help you with that process. Whether it’s working together or with another graphic designer to make a new logo, or coming up with the perfect color palette and font choices, we are here to help guide you through that process. We want to make sure you have a branding guide that will make sure everything that is made for your church fits your personality perfectly.

Preferred Apps:

A Color Story     Photo Editing App

A Color Story

Photo Editing App

Canva     Layout and Design App


Layout and Design App

Later     Social Media Scheduling App


Social Media Scheduling App

Just have questions? Contact us! We would love to help guide and coach you in the right direction the best we can, free of charge.